Featured Gift Shop photo artist, Heather Earl

Come see her amazing photographs for sale at our Gift Shop.

Heather Earl stands at the intersection of artistry and advocacy in the realm of nature and wildlife photography.

From the earliest moments of her life, Heather found solace and inspiration in the unfiltered beauty of nature. Her formative years were marked by a deep-seated reverence for the environment, fostering a connection that blossomed into a lifelong dedication to conservation.

Equipped with a camera and an unyielding passion, she stepped into the world of photography, merging her technical skills with an artist's eye. Her images serve as a testament to that passion, capturing not just the aesthetic allure of wildlife and landscapes but also the profound urgency to protect these invaluable treasures.

Heather’s work has earned accolades and awards, adorning the pages of publications and galleries, captivating audiences with its emotive storytelling and vivid portrayal of nature's majesty.

Photography isn't merely a vocation for Heather; it's a conduit for change. Her journey extends far beyond the frame, encompassing advocacy, education, and hands-on involvement in conservation initiatives.

More important than awards and recognition, Heather remains grounded in her mission—a lifelong commitment to safeguarding our planet's ecosystems. Whether trekking through dense forests or perched patiently to capture fleeting moments in the wild, she infuses her passion, expertise, and unwavering dedication into every image and endeavor.

Heather’s story is a testament to the power of lifelong dedication, where a childhood passion for the environment metamorphosed into a force for driving change. Through her lens, Heather invites you to embrace the awe-inspiring beauty of our planet and to join hands in preserving it for future generations.

Sell your art in this cozy gift shop.

The Gift Shop is open during Theatre Winter Haven shows one hour prior to the show and during intermission. The Shop is located across from the Lions concession stand and the Ridge Art Gallery.

The Shop artist guidelines require a membership with Ridge Art Association (RAA).

Art pieces cannot be larger than 16”x20” including the frame. Art must be submitted for approval by the Shop directors.

All artists must work in the Shop a minimum of two nights during theatre performances and refresh your Shop art prior to each new theatre show opening.

A standard 30% commission is taken from the sales for the Shop and RAA.

Be a part of the Gift Shop by contacting Marion Barnes at 203-710-9073 or email mim26@snet.net.

Many years ago in Connecticut, I started making jewelry for as a hobby. My co-workers liked my designs so much they asked if I could make a piece for them. That's when the love for this art form started with me, sharing with others.

In October 2014, my husband and I retired to Winter Haven, Florida where I set up my jewelry studio in our house so I could focus on my designs.

I enjoy making one-of-a-kind pieces.  I create every piece of jewelry as art with a unique reflection of the person wearing it. My hope is that when someone wears my jewelry, they feel a boost of confidence and pride that I put into it.

My intentions with each piece of jewelry I create, is to make unique, affordable, and one-of-a-kind designs which will make you feel special.


  Marion Barnes, Gift Shop Manager

Open 1-hour before and during theatre shows.

"bringing people together from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and beliefs to create a collaborative learning environment that embodies positivity, inspires confidence, and opens people’s creativity for expression in all art forms. Working together, we are creating an arts culture with unique character in a vibrant city, Winter Haven, Florida”.

"Ridge Art Association" is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. 210 Cypress Gardens Boulevard, Winter Haven, FL 33880. 
Phone: (863) 291-5661

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