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Meet the Leadership Team

Ron Malone
Executive Director

Ron has taught watercolor painting classes for RAA and has participated in many of our exhibitions. He was an art teacher for four years in public schools. Ron is a watercolor artist who specializes in portrait painting. He holds three signature level distinctions in watercolor societies. He is on the Florida Watercolor Society Board. 

Rick Hemenway
Managing Director, Financials

Rick has had numerous roles in the RAA organization.  He has been the Board President, Board Member, and Treasurer. He still offers advice and insight in the finance industry.  Rick's vast and practical experience in banking finance is a great asset to us.  He will assure RAA finances will be in order, safe and secure.

Christy Hemenway
Managing Director, Events

Christy was RAA's Executive Director for twenty-two years. She brought new programs and community exhibitions which greatly enhanced the art experience and learning environment for the membership.  She continues to be an advocate for the arts in the Winter Haven region as a volunteer for many organizations. 

Rob Birney
Business Advisor

Rob studies watercolor painting at RAA. He brings a wide range of experience in nonprofit leadership and management. He views RAA as a treasure in Central Florida with extraordinary potential for growth in attracting new members, artists, students, and guests. He has served as chairman of academic departments and is now professor emeritus. 

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"bringing people together from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and beliefs to create a collaborative learning environment that embodies positivity, inspires confidence, and opens people’s creativity for expression in all art forms. Working together, we are creating an arts culture with unique character in a vibrant city, Winter Haven, Florida”.

"Ridge Art Association" is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. 210 Cypress Gardens Boulevard, Winter Haven, FL 33880. 
Phone: (863) 291-5661

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