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Food & Beverage coordinator for Award Celebrations.

You will play a key role in helping members and visitors build long-lasting friendships and creating an open and friendly environment of creativity and expression at this event.

    • One for each Award Celebration.
    • RAA provides napkins, plates, tea, water and ice.
    • Request RAA members bring a dish of finger foods (small, individual portions of food which do not require a fork or spoon to eat).
    • Set up tables with covers.
    • Arrange beverages and finger food on the tables.
    • Send uneaten food home with providers.
    • Take down and store tables.
Art Class and Workshop Program Coordinator.  Filled! Sharon Creedon has volunteered!

You will greatly impact our community of current and emerging artist by developing a robust and creative curriculum of workshops and classes. You will see first-hand how first time and current artists grow their skills and knowledge in various media. 

  • One-year role, renewable.
  • Work closely with the RAA Leadership Team to develop and executive an education program plan.
  • Identify class and workshop learning experiences which fit the needs of the community.
  • Find and engage effective teachers.
  • Determine class titles, objectives, who provides materials, target market, logistics, etc. with teachers.
  • Determine pricing policies and a registration process utilizing our new website's registration and payment capabilities.
  • Develop a schedule for Tuesdays through Sundays from morning to evening hours.
  • Conduct follow up surveys with students.

Art class or workshop facilitator.

As a class facilitator you play a role in helping others learn and grow their skills and talents.  It can be very rewarding to see how students enjoy and grow from this learning experience.

  • One for each class.
  • Assure the classroom is set up and ready for each session.
  • Assist the teacher in distributing handouts, materials, and any special instructions. 
  • Track attendance.
  • Make sure the room and table are cleared and ready for the next class.
  • Answer any RAA-related questions students have.
  • The Executive Director will assist in training and guidance as needed.
  • Registration is required.

    Award Celebration Greeter.

    You will play a key role in helping RAA make a great first impression. Your work here will help make participants feel a belonging and wanted. This will go a long way in attracting new members and retaining current members.

    • Two for each Award Celebration.
    • Greet each participant as they enter.
    • Provide personalized badges.
    • Provide a program to each participant.
    • Let them know where the restrooms are located.
    • Invite participants to partake in the food and beverages.

    Art Exhibition Registrar.

    You will play a vital role in organizing the exhibition so that each artist knows they are treated fairly for determining acceptance into the show and the awards given by the judge.  These records generated by the Registrar are utilized throughout the process and used for historic purposes.

    • One for each scheduled art receiving date.
    • Go over duties of the Receiving Assistant.
    • Greet each artist.
    • Verify all information is complete on artist form.
    • Collect payment if artist has not pre-paid.
    • Record all information on the spreadsheet in the computer.

    Art Exhibition Registrar Assistant.

    By assisting the Registrar, you will play a vital role in organizing the exhibition and helping the artists feel welcome and glad they entered the exhibition.

    • One for each scheduled art receiving date.
    • Greet each artist.
    • Assist the registrar in registering each piece from the artist.
    • Assure accurate and complete tags and numbering label are attached to each piece.
    • Provide a copy of the prospectus for the next exhibition.
    • Tidy up the table and room.

    Hanging Committee.

    You will enjoy learning the approach and philosophy behind “hanging a great show.”   Knowing you helped an artist best display their work for others to enjoy can be quite satisfying.  This team always makes this project fun and enjoyable.

    • After the judge completes the critique, each piece to displayed in a way that fits and supports the overall exhibition.  Two-dimensional art is hung, and three-dimensional art is placed on pedestals. 
    • You will be instructed by our “seasoned hangers” what you can do to assist.
    • Allow 2 hours for each exhibition.

    Young Artist Exhibition Coordinator.

    You will greatly enjoy having a positive impact on young artists in Polk County.  For some this is the only time they display their art.  You will meet the thankful teachers and see their students’ smiling faces being acknowledged and some receiving awards.

    • You will work closely with Christy Hemenway, Exhibitions Director, in all the preparation and activities involved in the highly successful exhibition.  You will assist in overseeing volunteers with following role (these are similar roles needed for the RAA Exhibitions):
    • Collection and Registration.
    • Hanging and tagging.
    • Planning and setting up the Awards Celebration.
    • Food and beverages during the Awards Celebration.
    • Greeters during open gallery time.
    • Take down art.
    • Returning art

    "bringing people together from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and beliefs to create a collaborative learning environment that embodies positivity, inspires confidence, and opens people’s creativity for expression in all art forms. Working together, we are creating an arts culture with unique character in a vibrant city, Winter Haven, Florida”.

    "Ridge Art Association" is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. 210 Cypress Gardens Boulevard, Winter Haven, FL 33880. 
    Phone: (863) 291-5661

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